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Song that: is often stuck in your head



I am a certified bathroom singer; I certified myself. But I do sing a lot in the bathroom. And while walking (often accompanied by dancing feet), and while crossing the road or walking the corridors or while cooking or cleaning my room. Basically all the time. If I remembered my dreams, I’m sure I sing in them too. Now I don’t claim to be a good singer. I’m not. I probably never will be. But I do love singing. And this is the song that is often stuck in my head. In a good way. I love the song, love the band, love the lyrics. Words, by Boyzone. People around me who have any sense or taste or knowledge of music have only one comment- Oh My God! I know that song! It’s SO OLD! And people around me only have one comment- Can you stop singing the song? I’m growing tired of it already!

So that’s the song that’s stuck in my head… What’s often stuck in yours?



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