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Song that: I love but hardly listen to


All the old paintings on the tombs,
They do the sand dance,
Don’t you know?

If they move too quick
They’re falling down like a domino.

All the bazaar men by the Nile,
He got the money on a bet.

For the crocodiles they snap their teeth
On your cigarette.

Foreign types with their hookah pipes say
Walk like an Egyptian.

This has to be one of the silliest songs I have ever heard. The lyrics make no sense- literally or figuratively. Try reading between the lines. There’s probably nothing but empty space anyway. But the reason why this song was a hit (Apart from the Bangles themselves)? The catchy tune. You hear this song and you will automatically start walking in that Egyptian style you see in the picture above.  The reason I came to know about this song was my mother. She was a huge Bangles fan! She introduced me to this song (Thanks mom)!

And though I don’t listen to this song often, I love listening to it every time I do.




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