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The Hunter Spoke to Me Last Night

I saw the stars again last night. There was a time when I used to keep myself awake at night just to talk to the stars. It’s only really late at night that the city lights die down and the starlight seems strong enough to reach down to caress the sleeping eyes of the people. Except mine. Because mine never slept at that hour as they eagerly awaited the emergence of the stars.

But this year, I’ve kept myself busy. I tired myself out so much during the day that my eyelids protested against staying apart. As a result through the time when the stars shone through, beckoning me, but I stayed mute and lifeless.

And yet, blessed are those friendships that stay just the same even if conversations die down, through days of silence. And such was ours. Last night, I stumbled out of broken sleep only to be greeted by the welcoming arms of the stars. They sent the Hunter, the Orion, to speak to me. He seldom spoke to me, only a silent spectre in the distance. I am always gazed upon him with respect, the great emissary of the moon and her stars. And yet, he spoke to me last night. He said, Goodnight Little One. Welcome back to our little world.



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