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Honor and Pride

People in white that shuffle along the streets

With sweaty hands holding words of power

And faces bearing expressions of emotions

Withholding the blizzard and withholding the shower

People in skin that wake up to see dark walls

With hearts making attempts at hoping for hope

As they close their eyes to make the pain bearable

For they alone to face the torture of the rope

But that was the past and the people who lived then

And now is the present lived by other generations

Then the people endured the anguish and suffering

For us, for their generations and the beloved nation

But do we uphold their honor? Do we hold their pride?

We lived then under the terror of some other foreign

But now we live under the terror of our own blood

And like it or not, its our own pride that we shun.

Suppressed for so long its time to strike back

Even if its against a power that has roots in our fears

Rise, for we are more in numbers and have a reason

A reason strong enough to overthrow false seers

While evil has no purpose and strikes for no good

We have the solid reason of upholding our truth

And hence we can change ourselves and then the nation

For what is the nation but us, Mother India’s fruit?

So rise children of India, rise to make a change

Change for the good and change for the sane

And just you wait and look, India herself will change

Grateful and happy, India will wield the rein.



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