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If Humans Didn’t Have Knees: Part 3

We will next be recording the statement of our Tropic Youth Games sports coach, Mr. Billy Moore.

We meet coach near the Helipad of the Sports Stadium where a stream of his athletes is descending, punctual to their coaching time. With the Tropic Youth Games just around the corner, coach quickly sends the athletes off to their warm up practices, and having engaged them, spares us some time.

‘Sports are an important part of every individual’, says coach, ‘and every child should have that opportunity. Our body is an important instrument, and we should keep it top-shape at all times. People now are so lazy, what with technology and modernization. It was never like that before, when the games were founded. Back then, people relied on their bodies and their physical capabilities the most. Being knee-less, hopping everywhere was sufficient exercise for our ancestors. Apart from that, they embraced their knee-less existence and formed the Tropic games! It was a great way to bring society together, have fun and love our body as it was. Today, I have to keep telling children about the importance of sports. I have to make sure I keep making up new games and workout routines to keep them engaged.’

What sort of workout routines and regimens do you use, we asked coach.

‘There are many aspects of the Tropic Youth Games’, he explained. ‘Athletics is an individual event which includes two fields. The upper body is one field while the lower body is the other. Upper body events challenge the strength of the athlete’s arms through throwing games like Hammer Throw, Shot Put, Javelin, and the likes. For them, I usually concentrate on muscle building and weights. The lower body events have short sprint events like 100mts Hop, 200mts Hop and longer runs like 1500mts Hop. With them, we work on endurance, speed, and reaction speed. These are the traditional games. Now we have Pogo Stick sprints, Leap Ball dashes, and the kinds. Athletics is in itself vast. Other sports and games are team efforts. For example, swimming. Now, synchronized butterfly swimming is a beautiful team sport! It needs arm strength as well as leg strength. It develops the entire body perfectly and instils team spirit. A more modern version is Synchronized Jetting. The athlete jetters make beautiful patters in the sky by adding various coloured smoke to the jet boots. Now that’s a spectacle! Ice skating, skate boarding and roller-skating are also quite famous in their individual and team forms. My personal favourite however, is gymnastics. I love how the athlete is shot out of a chute and has to make the perfect twirls in the sky. When we were younger, we used trampolines as nothing but toys. But gymnastics transformed it into a sport.’

There are also extreme sports where you are shot out of a chute, have to somersault in the air, land on a trampoline, hold trapeze bars and dive straight into a pool! Dangerous stuff, of course, but there you are. I personally would prefer being on the ground, and hence coach athletics. As if Athletic Iron Man- a combination of 100mt Hop Dash, pogo stick hopping, and butterfly swimming wasn’t difficult enough.’

After hearing about all this, we are sure astonished by the variants of sports we have to look forward to in the coming Tropic Youth Games!

Our next bit of recording will be with Jane Brooke and Yasmin Ahmed, representatives of Knicourse, the fashion brand who is also sponsoring the Tropic Youth Games and the athletes’ outfits.



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