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What is Consideration?

Sweepers sweep, but how many of you actually even know their faces? Ghanta gaadis roll around the corner, and you cringe and pinch your nose. Maybe even spray a deo or perfume on yourself. Ever wondered how those guys manage? You badmouth Rickshaw-wallas. What about those rickshaw-wallas who do take you where you want, that too pretty quickly and without losing patience in all that traffic? Consider. They’re doing you a favour, you aren’t.

Maybe this story will help you realize how much of a favour they are doing unto you.

Once upon a modern time, in a very metropolitan city was a middle-aged man. He had a well to-do business, a satisfactorily happy family, and a passion for running Marathons. He even travelled places for experiencing the marathons conducted there, with a larger running population. His family supported him completely. Once such Marathon he experienced was in a city in the neighbouring province. Now this particular Marathon was very well known through out the land, for it’s perfect organization, challenging route and considerate provisions. But most of all, this Marathon was renowned for it’s provision for the safety for the runners.

A long run, 42 kms, to be precise, was a long time to think as you ran, to observe and to learn. Our man started his run. At the front of his mind was the fact that this particular marathon was well-known for their safety measures. What made it so, he wondered. And he noticed these measures, throughout the expanse of the run. Men in uniforms standing straight and attentive, standing on both sides of the path the runners ran. Tirelessly and without complaint, these soldiers stood, loyal to their duty of protecting. In the wake of this humbling site, ran our man. He decided that he couldn’t stop, or be tired. He just wouldn’t allow himself to feel fatigue or hopelessness, when vigilant men like these loomed around him, for him. The soldiers had no reason to be there, except that they were. They were carrying out their duty, and were considerate enough to go a step further and cheer the runners. They didn’t have to do that either, thought our man. And in their sight and humbling sight, our man ran. He ran relentlessly and effortlessly. He ran as tirelessly as they stood.

He ran because the faster he ran, the faster he completed. The faster completed, the lesser time they would have to stand. They were going through a lot of trouble already, standing there for them. He could go through a little more trouble if it decreased their trouble. And on that day, our man beat his own personal record. He ran the fastest he had ever run. And he run without tiring or having any physical controversies. Nothing but a good feeling that bloomed in his chest.

He was considerate. I try to be. On a personal level, I say thanks to all rickshaw-wallas for dropping me to my venue, safe and without complaint. And without fail, I get a welcome in return with a little smile on their face just because of two words of acknowledgement. Who have you been considerate to today?



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