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My eyes

You say my eyes were running. You say I kept talking and joking.

But you don’t get it. They were running so they didn’t have to stop on you. Because if they did, they’d stop for ever. I kept talking because if I stopped talking, my mind would turn to thoughts of you. So I kept them busy.

I knew where you stood, just beside the blinding light, leaning against the railing. How could I not know? And so my eyes just skipped the place you occupied; they skimmed right past.

But they didn’t listen, the idiots. I thought I was safe as they just about went past you. But no. They came right back, focusing on you, standing there silent. And everything went silent. My eyes ran no more. My mouth spoke no more. Neither did the people surrounding us. It was like a drape of silence had descended upon us. Encased us.

And as that second stretched into eternity, so did my tiny smile and heart.



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