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I don’t think Awards matter

Rotaract is one of the best things to have happened to me. I met many people, did projects that I could’ve never done. At the end of a Rotaract year, there is an award ceremony called AARAs for many different categories.
We got nominated for many and won two.
We were all happy and jumping with joy.
Many other clubs weren’t AS happy.

But I think the AARAs don’t matter. I think our entire year together matters. The friends we made, the fights we had. The things we learnt and the projects that were successful. The losses we faced and the projects that got cancelled.
We came for gbms because we liked meeting each other, we liked the discussions we had, we liked sharing our thoughts, projects and initiatives.
We did projects because we believed in them, we had fun doing them and we learnt so many things. Above all, we got to spend time with each other.
Throughout the year we either didn’t know about AARAs or didn’t really care about them. But we did the projects and gbms despite all that. We had fun doing what we did, and AARAs are an added bonus. I think the point is the year. I think the point is all of us and what we do. And I think that’s what matters. AARAs can be the added bonus, instead of our goal. Our goal should be us, our ideas and beliefs, and doing projects because we believe in the concepts or merely want to have fun.

Just an opinion.