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I woke up at midnight
With a start
As my sleeping body felt
Palms cover my eyes.
I could see nothing.
Panic struck me
Till I heard your voice
Brimming with amusement,
Calming me.
You asked me to keep my eyes shut tight
And pulled me
Out of bed.
Not a peek out of you!
You led me gently
Out of my room,
up the stairs
And to the overflowing table-
Guiding me
Every step of the way.
Then you took your palms
Off my eyes
And I found myself
Staring at the mirror
Surrounded with
And diyas.
Then I saw you standing behind me.
I smiled.
You were already smiling.
For one moment
We could forget
Our friendship was forbidden.
In that moment
It didn’t matter
That they didn’t approve
Of us
And the bond we shared.
In that moment
I knew you’d always be right behind me



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