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Hiravati – the end.

This one’s for my aaji (grandmother). May she rest in peace, at least in death.

Prompt 13: write a poem in ABCB rhyme scheme.

Nath: nose ring made of pearls, traditional to Maharashtra region of India.
Kumkum: a red powder or paste applied on the foreheard at the hairline of a woman as an indication of marriage.

~Hiravati – the end~

Her feet were more beautiful than I remembered.
Pale, white, glowing
against the dark sombre moods around her.
A light wind blowing.
Only a few hairs on her forehead parted limply.
The bright green of her saree,
the fragrant yellow of the lowers around her neck
the nath, the kumkum: a bride to marry.
Except her husband stumbled around her,
his useless eyes shedding tears,
his wrinkled fingers caressing her lifeless eyes and blue lips.
A cascade of fears.
The howls of her sister fell deaf on her ears,
the muted whimpers of her daughters-in-law,
the stone facade of her sons.
I wonder if she saw;
hovering over us
just making sure we’re okay
whispering last words, instructions
before being carried away
by the four sons she had borne strong:
her children in sweat and blood,
in the village which she called home.
Surrounded by all the people she ever loved.





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5 thoughts on “Hiravati – the end.

    1. Thank you for your concern and opinion! I’m fine now, thank you. I’m not a great fan of prompts either, but sometimes, having them help to trigger a piece. I’m glad you liked it though 🙂


      1. well, fine is never really fine! i’ve recently lost someone so that’s why. and i don’t think the existence of prompts should be the trigger! it should be you and how you feel about something! but that’s just me! i might be wrong!


      2. Everyone has their own way to write. And sometimes, you need a external trigger to write. This prompt was what tapped the flow of this particular piece. Also, fine is better than not good. Everything else is a step up from there.


      3. i know prompts or challenges urges people to write, but well, i think, the best comes, only when people write from their heart! and well, fine is still isn’t enough!


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