A Song Project

from childhood
reminds of recent ex-bf
one/both parents
calms you down
often stuck in your head
reminds you of a best friend
reminds you of past summer
reminds you of your first love
makes you hopeful
by your favorite band
soundtrack of favorite movie
last song you heard
reminds you of a former friend
reminds you of your school/college
love to sing along to
has made you cry
makes you wanna dance
you love but hardly listen to
first song alphabetically in iPod/iTunes
last song alphabetically in iPod/iTunes
favorite song
song someone has sung to you
cannot stand to listen to
danced to with your bestfriend
you could listen to without getting tired of it
you love waking up to
you love sleeping to
you sing in the shower
your mother and you both know
you have sung with your sibling

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