Why I write…

For fun! And to develop my writing skills, of course… I began writing in my 9th grade with just words stringed together in a silhouette of a poem. I wrote poems more, then a bit of prose. Some of my poems really came out well.

Check out the link for one of my good poems- https://vedantishinde.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/expressions-of-joy/

This poem is about the moon and the phases of her voyage through the night.

Then by the time I came to 11th grade I started writing prose. I was encouraged by a few teachers, my first readers. As a result of their support I started experimenting with styles, topics and words.

Check out this link for an example of my beginner proses- https://vedantishinde.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/from-spring-to-autumn/

I wrote it as a challenge in English class, and really liked it.

But anyway, I have tried to develop many styles and reach my own through the time. It’s all in this blog! And then I realized there is never exactly a style. It depends on your mood, the content and the topic! So I’m still experimenting… Like or comment to show me you like any of my work!

I love writing… I hope you love reading!


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