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The pacifying music of the Aarti was still somethig i was listening to, when you walked up to me. I smiled at you- a smile that was reflected back to me almost immediately. I wonder if any of us needed- ever- any prior stimulus to smile. After all, we have always been happy in each others presence!
Walking together was something we enjoyed; was it a habit yet? I think of this now, but then, I just wanted to spend quality time with you. Who knew how much of your time I would get later? So we broke the silly rule and I was probably the only girl in a humongous swarm of those of the opposite sex. The white dim lights and the cool breeze had to be one of the most romantic times I spent with a friend. Until…
Until the lights went out, and I staggered to a halt as my usual fondness for darkness deserted me. I was left helpless in swarming crowds of boys who were shouting and pushing. Normally I wouldn’t be intimidated by the sudden-ness of it all, but I was left in a daze.So I called out to you- it was the sanest thing I could do. Sanjith…? No reply. Sanjith? No reply. SANJITH?! I’m here…! I can’t describe the relief I felt when I heard your voice coming so close to me! It was like the wings of elation wanted to take me on a ride right then. Well, I guess I did fly over to you and immediately linked my arm through yours as a sure precaution to getting lost. With a few steps I realized that the younger man next to me would never let me lose myself in any crowd. With those few steps I learnt to trust your sure footsteps as your hand led mine through darkness.
But I knew we were missing out on something. And then the moment came and we both looked up to the heavens to see the stars smiling at the friendship we had established. And the moment was complete.